With The Founder currently doing the rounds in cinemas and proving, if proof were needed, that Michael Keaton rarely does a bad film, we thought that it might be a novel idea to take a quick look at some other movies that have fast food – or at least junk food – close to their heart. Not all of the following five will be to everyone’s tastes, but surely a menu’s nothing without a bit of variety.


Mystic Pizza (1988)

A slice of mozzarella magic that catapulted a young actress by the name of Julia Roberts to stardom. Also famous for marking the big screen debut of Matt Damon, it didn’t perform that well at the box office and wasn’t well received by critics upon its release, but has since gained a cult following and become the benchmark for coming-of-age comedy-dramas.


The Van (1996)

Inspired by the third novel from author Roddy Doyle‘s Barrytown Trilogy (Barrytown being a fictitious working-class quarter of Dublin) and directed by Stephen Frears, this is possibly one of the most underrated films of its time. While it is no match for 1991’s The Commitments, the first and most famous adaptation from the trilogy, it does manage to create the same blend of comic-tragedy that is the hallmark of all three. Set during the 1990 World Cup, it tells the tale of two friends whose blossoming fish n’ chips business tests their relationship to its limits.


Good Burger (1997)

Oh Dear. Back in the late 90s, Kenan and Kel were the darlings of the Nickelodeon Channel with their extremely watchable sitcom. Sadly, during that time they also proved like so many before them that the leap from a small screen comedy series to full-blown flick is every bit as difficult as trying to complete a challenge on Man v. Food. Good Burger is, without doubt, one of the worst films ever made; if you ordered it in a restaurant, you’d send it straight back.


Super Size Me (2004)

Once upon a time you could take a wander down to your local McDonald’s and order a big mac meal the size of a cow, but much like an FA Cup tie at Sutton United, there’s always one spoilsport. Enter a relatively unknown filmmaker by the name of Morgan Spurlock and Maccy’s super-size servings were consigned to the metaphorical dustbin. In many people’s eyes, the mans’s got a lot to answer for.


Sweeney Todd: The Demon Barber of Fleet Street (2007)

Is it wrong to include this one here? Granted, the pies inspired by Helena Bonham Carter‘s unique method for disposing of bodies, following Johnny Depp‘s predilection for the odd murder or two, are not something you’d relish, but they were served up pretty quickly and eaten on the go (albeit unwittingly) – fast food with a frightful twist. The movie itself? One of the most enjoyable cinematic musicals of recent times.

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