We take a look at the leading ladies of Hollywood…

10. Halle Berry – Catwoman (Catwoman)

It might be a terrible movie but Catwoman has its winning factors. Two being Halle Berry’s ‘assets’ squeezed into a tight leather bikini top. Meow.

9. Marilyn Monroe – Sugar Kane Kowalczyk (Some Like It Hot)

A bit of an understatement for the sudden rise in temperature under the collar for men everywhere when Marilyn Monroe appeared in her nightwear.

8. Jessica Alba – Nancy Callahan (Sin City)

Again, another character whose costume seems to consist of a leather bikini top -not that we mind. We just have to make sure a certain angry ex-cop doesn’t catch us looking or we may end up with more than an eyeful.

7. Cameron Diaz – Tina Carlyle (The Mask)

Just like Jim Carey’s title character many jaws dropped when they saw Cameron Diaz in a certain red dress.

6. Elizabeth Hurley – The Devil (Bedazzled)

A devilishly delightful use of Elizabeth Hurley’s assets really makes the audience feel as though they are committing some sort of sin… when it looks that good though, can you blame us?

5. Megan Fox – Mikaela Banes (Transformers)

A scene where Megan Fox’s character is leaning over a car bonnet instantly comes to mind whenever anyone mentions Transformers. Who would have thought Shia La Boef was also in that scene.

4. Catherine Zeta Jones – Elena Montero (The Mask Of Zorro)

A good movie made better by Catherine Zeta Jones and the costume department. Thank you both.

3. Scarlett Johansson – Black Widow (Iron Man 2)

Another character that favors the leather, this time in catsuit form. Although her chest seems to look equally as good in her smart office attire.

2. Salma Hayek – Satanico Pandemonium (From Dusk Till Dawn)

When a vampire posing as a stripper looks this good and has such distracting qualities it’s difficult to notice she is about to rip your throat out. At least it is a pleasant view before you die a painful death.

1. Elisha Cuthbert – Danielle (The Girl Next Door)

Elisha Cuthbert looks good in so many scenes and her wardrobe helps keep the males attention. She certainly works what she has got in a movie where she plays a former porn star. If only the girls down our road had a figure like hers.

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