Flight of the Navigator David

We’re giving one lucky reader the chance to win TWO DVDs in our special 80’s adventure movie giveaway! That’s right, if you’re picked as the winner of our competition you will win Flight of the Navigator AND Short Circuit on DVD!

Flight of the Navigator follows the adventures of David, a boy who’s transported to the future and must find his way home with the aid of a space ship!

DVD Flight of the NavigatorDVD Short Circuit

Short Circuit, originally released in 1986, tells the story of Number 5, a robot who is given life after being electrocuted!

Both films are released on DVD and Blu-ray on 19th November!! And you could win yourself a copy of both!

To be in with a chance of winning simply tell us why you love eighties movies in the comments feed below! Be sure to include your twitter name – we’ll use this to contact our favourite for their address so we can send them their prize!!

Please note:

  • Open to UK residents only.
  • The competition will close 9th December at 23.59 GMT.
  • No alternative is available. Your prize may differ to that described.
  • Your address may be forwarded to a third party in order for you to receive your prize.
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There's 36 Comments. Add yours
  1. Hannah O'Neill

    because they are the classics!


  2. Hannah O'Neill

    because they are the classics!


  3. Karen A Barrett

    The music and hairstyles!

  4. Karen A Barrett

    The music and hairstyles!

  5. Adele Hill

    because it takes me back to my childhood

  6. Adele Hill

    I forgot my twitter name its @compaddicted

  7. Barrie Phillips

    Possibly the golden age of movies in some respects,a new age of special effects.@PhillipsBarrie

  8. Damien Hudson

    Because they're original and not just remakes like you get recently.

  9. Catherine Owen

    Because they have stood the test of time, my children are now watching and enjoying them/learning from them just as i did at their age. I can still watch them now, and not just remember my time back then, but enjoy them as much as i did.

  10. Andrew Dommett

    It was the era when I was a teenager (1981 onwards). Golden era of movies for me.

  11. Alison Joyce

    I love 80s movies because they take me back to my childhood. @alisonjoyce2010

  12. angela sandhu

    I adore 80s movies! my 9 year old son is also starting to love them which is brilliant for me! I love the era of Michael J Fox! The music in them was also fab! absolute classics!


  13. Emma Jackson

    I love eighties films because it was the time I first started watching films. I was about 12 when ET came out and it blew me away. I watched as many films as I could from then on and whenever i watch an eighties film now it takes me back to how in awe I felt at the time x

  14. shane weir

    Because they took themselves less seriously and weren't all about cgi. There was a warmth and feeling to them

  15. Pamela Gibson

    I love eighties movies because I was a teenager in the eighties and even though they are all silly they are what I grew up with. My uttmost favourites were Steve Martin films like The Man with Two Brains and All of Me.

  16. VA Carter

    I LOVE eighties movies because there's no movies that can beat them, you don't need to spend a ridiculous amount of money to make a decent film, they're funnier, zanier and often have a better plot!

  17. Richard Rowley

    Eighties movies are the ones I grew up watching and I can watch them again and again. Back to the future has to be one of my all time favourite films @richy_rowley

  18. Jesse Partington

    In Eighties movies the plots are usually much more believable than the current "shoot 'em up" ones.

  19. Mich Wat

    A lot less CGI and some of the better films were made in the 80s @5122262

  20. Caz Nobee

    I love 80s movies because they are so heart warming and make you feel good, plus they ALWAYS have a happy ending! 🙂 @radiocaz

  21. Peter Gilby

    Massive fan i really love the John Hughes movies

  22. emma hunt

    ahhh these were both my fav films as a child! 80's films were brill ! I also love Gremlins! lol 🙂

  23. Jayne

    because they have such a feel good factor plus love the fashion and music @MAMASITA_JAINE

  24. alexlukeshelby

    80's movie seemed to have a great comedy element, and growing up in that era 'I got it'

  25. Rod Curtis

    80s movies are great, that time was so exciting as so many new special effects came out and some really inventive plots. @psychicsheep

  26. Maggie Coates

    I like 80's movies, because that was a time before I had children, that I had more time to myself to do things like going to the cinema. @Pumpkin2k9 on twitter

  27. Cathy Gordon

    They take me back to the good old days when I was young, free and single.

  28. Jeremy Hards

    I love 80's movies as that is when some of the best movies were made such as The Breakfast Club, Pretty In Pink and Gregory's Girl to name just a few. It may also be because that was when I was growing up and now those films bring back good memories. However, I still feel that more good movies were made in the 80s than are made now

  29. Alice Hindley

    it was a wonderful decade for great movies – tweet me @aesop30

  30. Francis Lee

    the comedy in the 80's films are so much different to films nower days.


  31. ♫ Alison M ♪

    They are great fun

  32. Emma Hicks

    80s movies are so nostalgic, reminding me of my childhood and happy times! This is why I love watching them over and over 🙂


  33. Alison

    Ive love Eighties movies because they are classic and remind me of when I was younger. I love watching them year later and seeing how things have changed

  34. AliThorpe

    Eighties movies were unashamedly cheesy but did it with style. It was a decade when everything was good and simpler (I was in primary school then) and so were the films. Innocent, witty, harmless, silly, special films that were so, er, eightiesish. Arthur, The Lonely Guy, Stir Crazy! Amazing, imaginative kids' films like Explorers and The Boy Who Could Fly. One of my top five films of all time, Stand By Me. Oh, and another favourite, Class, with eighties movie guru Andrew McCarthy. Class WAS class, as were almost all of the Brat Pack films, especially The Breakfast Club! That bit where the door slams shut on The Breakfast Club … "screws fall out all the time; the world is an imperfect place". (@alicomps)

  35. karen colquhoun

    i love eighties movies as they take me right back to my childhood. So many happy merories from watching these films. @hunnycat

  36. Jenny

    I love them because they were just so much fun. Movies these days are so much more serious and pretentious.