Brian Blessed in Flash Gordon 1980

‘Flash Gordon approaches!’

Or he could at least arrive in the post.

Brian Blessed in Flash Gordon 1980

With the recent appearance from Flash in Seth McFarlane’s Ted, the popularity in this bizarre film have skyrocketed. This is your chance to own this Queen scored 1980 film.

Flash Gordon 1980 uk dvd box coverNot aware of Flash Gordon? Read our film review.

This competition is exclusive to our Twitter followers only! So make sure you have followed us @movie_farm and let us know that you have done so in the comment section below and include your Twitter username so we can find the winners easily 🙂


Please note:

  • Open to UK residents only.
  • The competition will close 14th August at 23.59 GMT.
  • No alternative is available. Your prize may differ to that described.
  • Your address may be forwarded to a third party in order for you to receive your prize.
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