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    Have entered your wonderful prize draw Would be truly AMAZING to win x

  11. Amy

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  25. Sara Davies

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  35. zainab hassan

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  36. Alan

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  37. Hilda Hazel Wright

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  105. Sarah A Fawcett

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  106. Sarah Ballantyne

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  107. Rachel Coyle

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  134. Kelly Harper

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  143. David Paterson

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  145. kay adeola

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  146. kerrie vella

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  147. Kerrie Vella

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  148. Cathryn Bowen

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  150. Jennifer Jack

    hi there have liked both facebook pages jen jinty is my facebook name many thanks xx

  151. Elaine Kidd

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  152. Kate Cunningham

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  153. Jennifer Stokes

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  154. Kimberley Howes

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  155. geoff

    Have Liked Moviefarm and liked the Sony Digital Cinema page,

  156. Kerry Webber

    Already like Moviefarm, have now liked the Sony Digital Cinema page. Fingers crossed!


    I have liked both facebook pages thank you for running this

  158. Ellie M

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  159. Carol Rowley

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  179. Linda Guest

    Have liked both fb pages (the first one a while ago) and would love to win. Please enter me. 🙂

  180. cathyj

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    Liked both pages

  183. helen newton

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  200. Jerome Jacobs

    I've entered by liking your page on facebook. All the best to those who enter 🙂

  201. Susan Anderson

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    I've liked both pages. Thanks for the compo!

  203. Name

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  204. Pamela gossage

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  205. Deborah Bird

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  206. jennie

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  207. mandy waller

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  208. Angie

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  209. Chmaine Apaloo-Lee

    Already liked movie farm facebook page, so have liked the Sony Digital Cinema facebook page also for entry into the competition x

  210. Sheena McLellan

    Thanks for fab comp. Have liked both pages ♥ ♥ ♥

  211. Leanne Lunn

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  217. Elisabeth Barnwell

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  218. Christina

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  219. Peter Cusack

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  220. Li Young

    been a fan of Moviefarm for yonks – and now a fan of Sony dig – love films love moviefarm

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  247. Sue Robinson

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