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Video: iTom – Ep 2 – Daddy’s Home 2 UK Premiere

Some words of wisdom from Will Ferrell!

Thomas Salmon | 9 months | Read
Film Feature

Halloween Quiz

Think you know horror? Take the latest horror quiz and see if it’s a Scream or a Nightmare!

Philip Rogers | 10 months | Read
Film Video

Video: 5 Best Horror Movie Remakes

These Horror Remakes Are Just As Good As The Original.

Charity Williams | 10 months | Read
Film Feature

Interview: Dan Allen

Interview with the Writer / Director Dan Allen about his new remake of the 1980’s Video Nasty film ‘Unhinged’.

Philip Rogers | 11 months | Read
Film Video

Video: iTom – Ep 1 – Prop Store Exhibition at London’s BFI IMAX

I took a trip to a film fan’s heaven.

Thomas Salmon | 11 months | Read