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Top 7 Free Films

DVD piracy may be responsible for more suicides than workplace bullying, but did you know that you CAN get films for free without wrecking lives? Read on…

Rob Batchelor | 4 years | Read
Film Feature

Torture in Film

How is torture depicted in films? And what sort of emotions does torture evoke from audiences? Featuring Hostel, Reservoir Dogs, Hard Candy.

Kim Pearce | 4 years | Read
Film Feature

2013's Top 5 Oscar Snubs

2013’s Academy Award nominations proved that the Academy got a lot right, but what about those they didn’t? Here are 2013’s top 5 Oscar snubs…

Jack Bottomley | 4 years | Read
Film Feature

Why Romantic Movies Suck

We look at why you should opt for something less smushy than impossibly beautiful people falling in love in movies because romantic movies kind of suck…

Nicola Hall | 5 years | Read
Film Feature

The Rom-Com Trap

Why do actors like Jennifer Aniston stick to the romantic comedy genre, and play the same roles over again? Money? Comfort? Preference?

Kim Pearce | 5 years | Read