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Gaming Feature

Xbox One vs. PlayStation 4

Approaching 1 year since the releases of both Xbox One and PlayStation 4, Logan Veen-Strege looks at both consoles and offers advice for finger-biting customers

Tech Feature

How To Show/Hide Hidden Files on Mac OS

Sometimes the tech-savvy among us need to show or hide files that are, by default, hidden from the user. This serves many purposes. You can install apps that do this for you, or you can go into Terminal. But I wanted to find a DIY solution

Nathanael Bunge | 4 years | Read
Film Feature

The Fifty Shades trailer: All it has done is remind us not to go see it

Everybody gird your loins; the trailer for Fifty Shades of Grey is here, and it has reminded one writer (yet again) why she won’t be going to see it