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Film Feature

Video: Top 5 Video Game Movies

Video games don’t seem to make good films, but these five are the best

Tom Batt | 3 years | Read
TV Feature

Teleshopping Is Hell

Fancy a bit of retail therapy but don’t want to get up from your sofa? There’s a channel for that. But don’t say I didn’t warn you…

Luke Goude | 3 years | Read
TV Feature

Why The X Factor Is Dying

With this year’s series yet to be confirmed by ITV, has the show’s repetitive and self-destructive formula taken it past the point of no return?

Olivia Haines | 3 years | Read
Film Video

Video: 6 Movies you (probably) didn’t know are remakes

These films aren’t as original as you may have thought

Tom Batt | 3 years | Read