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Film Review

Review: Best (George Best: All By Himself) (2017)

The latest look at the rise and fall of George Best, the greatest footballer to ever come out of Northern Ireland.

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Music Review

Review: Indigo Child

A brand new electronic duo that show potential for great things. We were given exclusive, advanced access to their first two singles…

2 years | Read on
Music Review

Review: Declan McKenna – Isombard (2016)

Declan McKenna, a promising talent from last years Glastonbury Festival brings us Isombard, his new single. Find out what we think.

2 years | Read on
Film Review

Review: Suicide Squad (2016)

Supervillains are recruited to carry out a top secret mission… can they be trusted? Can the most anticipated film in years live up to the hype?

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Tech Video

Sony release pumped promo for their new MHC-V7D high powered speaker

Sony release bass-filled video to promote their latest hi-fi system

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