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Snapdash Wednesday (34 images)

This week’s Snapdash features many dogs. It could almost be called Dogdash Wedsnesday. Hmmm… now, that’s a thought!

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Music Video

Video: Adele to the tune of Pokemon fits too well

It is always nice when a pop song fits perfectly with one of our childhood TV shows. Adele is sped up slightly but it still works like a charm – very amewsing.

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Film Video

Video: The history of Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer’s logo with the lion

Ever wondered about the lion that is in the Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer logo? Here’s your chance to find out!

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Film Video

Video: Guy makes replica of Tars robot from Interstellar cosplay

This guy has put in the man hours for this! And the feedback he gets from other cosplayers I’d imagine is exactly what he wanted to get from it.

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Film Video

Video: 50 Shades of Naked Gun

When Naked Gun meets 50 Shades of Grey we get a film that I’d be so much more up for watching (compared to 50 Shades, not Naked Gun – I love Naked Gun!).

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Zombie prank on the metro
Tangent Video

Video: Zombie pranking to a new level

I’ve seen a few zombie pranks before, but this is far and away the scariest so far. Maybe they have gone just a little too far this time?

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TV Video

Video: Ricky Gervais’ energetic Netflix ads for Australians

When Ricky does something for money, he puts every ounce of effort into it – as seen here in his ads for Optus promoting Netflix coming to Australia

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Ed Sheeran sings to newlywed couple
Music Video

Video: Ed Sheeran surprises newlyweds with singing their first dance song

If all goes pair shaped for Ed Sheeran, at least he knows he can still become a wedding singer! Long may him and his flamboyant vocal cords continue to flourish.

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Music Video

Video: Big tunes with the pizza delivery guy

When you order a pizza and invite the delivery guy to collaborate on this summer’s big tune. I wonder if he knows about this video.

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Internet Video

Video: Mike Cohen recorded his parents years ago and this is an animated portion from 1985

What an amazing thing to be able to create. Who has the forward thinking to do this and not bin them before you get the chance to make something as awesome as this?

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Tech Video

Video: Kids' reactions to VCR players is priceless but depressing

A bunch of kids are shown an old TV, VHS cassette and that old clunky thing that lives under the stairs. What are their childhood videos on if they don’t know what VHS cassettes are?

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Music Video

Video: See Pianist Jason Pelsey's view as he improvises this awesome piano session

Pianist Jason Pelsey straps a GoPro to his head and showcases why he is a genius piano player. Golly, his fingers are rapid.

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  1. David Tennant was the best thing about Jessica Jones season 1. Unfortunately, I think I feel the same about his fleeting appearance in season 2, too. What Makes Film and TV Supervillains Tick?
  2. I'm very happy you introduced me to the Jackie Chan Woolworths advert, but I'm also sad that their partnership came to an end. Why the UK’s always been a good advert for Hollywood
  3. Will be going on my Christmas list! LA Noire coming to Nintendo Switch, PS4 and Xbox One
  4. "If my mum can use an iPhone" ???? Fifa really do need to pull their finger out. The 2 strikes option is clearly the way to go. Video Technology: It’s Time
  5. From the reviewer; "there's a whole bunch of topless males throughout the film but only two brief instances of rear male nudity." Hope that helps. Review: Darker Shades of Elise (2017)
  6. I think Waltz in Spectre was a part of problem. He was unforgivingly underutilised. Gosling as Bond? Give me a break!
  7. I have to agree, Patrick. They should change the name of the show to 'Slow-Paced Conversations Where Occasionally Very Unthreatening Walking Deadens Stroll in'. Can I borrow the Python after you? We should do a Top Blasé Walking Dead Zombie Encounters. Another 20 years of The Walking Dead? No thanks
  8. Sounds amazing, Olivia. I'm really looking forward to the Oculus. I was blown away by the PS4 VR so I can only imagine how good this is. Oculus Rift Set to Shake Up VR
  9. The Bond franchise is in desperate need of a break. Let's see who's of age come 2030. Maybe Henry Cavill will have distanced himself from Superman enough by then to give it a shot. Gosling as Bond? Give me a break!
  10. Finally played this game. I'm blown away by how amazing it looks and feels. Would love to play a follow up game. Review: Everybody’s Gone to the Rapture (2015)