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Why The X Factor Is Dying

With this year’s series yet to be confirmed by ITV, has the show’s repetitive and self-destructive formula taken it past the point of no return?

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  1. Such a shame it doesn't quite manage it - I wanted it to be so good! Review: The BFG (2016)
  2. Love your videos Tom! I really enjoyed the first Mortal Kombat but then the second film was an absolute mess - hopefully Assassin's Creed and WOW won't be let downs! Video: Top 5 Video Game Movies
  3. Very funny and so true! Teleshopping Is Hell
  4. Ah it was a gorgeous film to watch if a bit traumatic. Could not agree with you more re. Hardy I think he deserves an Oscar too. (Dare I even say more so? I couldn't even see him as Tom Hardy by the end!) Not sure I will be watching it again for a few weeks though - need a bit of a break as I feel like I went through the whole ordeal myself! Which I'm sure is testimony to how immersive it is! Review: The Revenant (2016)
  5. This is just the biggest enigma ever! I tried to watch it and it was too painful. I guess everyone must be watching out of curiosity. Netflix goes nuts for The Ridiculous 6
  6. The BFG will be super interesting I have no idea what direction Speilberg will take it in. And I got shivers watching the trailer for The Jungle Book! There is a very similar looking Tarzan coming out as well so will definitely have to watch both. All of 2016 looking great - may just have to buy my own cinema to save time and money! Fantastic films and where to find them in 2016
  7. I wasn't born in until 92 so maybe that explains why for me it has to be 1995! Kevin Spacey's power duo of Usual Suspects and Seven, Apollo 13, Toy Story 1, 12 Monkeys, Heat, one of the best coming of age comedies Clueless, oh and Usual Suspects AGAIN because it is my fav haha. Shame I was only three when this year happened so I can't say I was let into any of these films at the time except Toy Story! 1984: Cinema’s greatest year?
  8. The film is being made in a completely different time to the previous ones so maybe, as Lucas says, it's okay to be "experimental" and try it without him! I have faith in JJ! George Lucas and Star Wars on different planets
  9. Could not agree with you more re. Goldeneye! And Casino Royale was great - I think Eva Green as Vespa hasn't been bettered as a Bond Girl since either! Why Skyfall is better than Spectre
  10. This is HILARIOUS! Bad Lip Reading: First Democratic Debate