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American Beauty 1999
Film Feature

Top Five American Films

We take a look at our top five American films – the list includes the likes of American Beauty and American Pie.

5 years | Read on
Ben Affleck Argo 2012
Film Feature

Profile: Ben Affleck

We take a look at the career of Argo star Ben Affleck, from stand out pieces like Good Will Hunting to the less favoured Daredevil.

5 years | Read on
adam sandler by Franz Richter 2012
Film Feature

Adam Sandler: Actor Profile

For years now Adam Sandler has been appointed as Hollywood’s funny man. We take a look at the actor’s career.

5 years | Read on
Football (by Christopher Bruno)
Film Feature

Football on Film

We look at some of the best (and some of the worst) football stories committed to celluloid!

6 years | Read on
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