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Gaming Feature

A Defence of Gaming

As we sat there discussing The Witcher 3, The Snooty One merely looked at us and replied: “There’s a life outside you know”.

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Film Feature

2013: A Review

Luke allows himself to judge what 2013 offered us entertainment wise over the full 12 months. These are his highs and lows.

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Film Review

Review: Captain Phillips (2013)

Telling the true life tale of the 2009 Maersk Alabama hijacking, Paul Greengrass’s latest sees Tom Hanks as the eponymous Captain Phillips.

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Film Review

Review: Infection Z (2013)

Michael Madsen stars in Infection Z, a z-grade zombie film featuring a bunch of folk attempting to survive the night during a zombie outbreak. Sound familiar?

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Film Review

Review: Evil Dead (2013)

Remake of the classic shocker, Evil Dead 2013 sees peeps in a cabin where bad stuff happens. Very. Bad. Stuff.

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Tangent Review

One Shot – Book Review

Six shots, five dead. The evidence is overwhelming and points towards a lone gunman. Barr says only one thing: “Get Jack Reacher for me.”

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Film Review

The Thing (1982)

If you are able to stomach the nauseating splatter, John Carpenter’s The Thing is an efficient, confident and frightening movie.

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Bereavement 2010
Film Review

Bereavement (2010)

Stevan Mena directs Bereavement, an overly bleak film that centres on an abducted boy.

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World War Z 2013

The Issue with World War Z

After the release of the World War Z trailer one of our writers considers what the trailer says about the adaptation of Max Brooks’ novel.

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