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First screenshots and cast details for Telltale and Marvel’s Guardians title

Telltale and Marvel unveil the first screenshots of their upcoming Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy: The Telltale Series title.

3 months | Read on
Gaming News

Resident Evil: The Experience opens ahead of full game release

Opening in London’s East End, the Resident Evil Experience will see members of the public partake in a 45 minute story experience.

5 months | Read on
Gaming News

New details on first Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare DLC pack unveiled

The pack will first be available for PS4 and feature a new co-op mode and four new multiplayer maps.

5 months | Read on
Gaming News

Launch trailer for Batman: The Telltale Series season finale released

Telltale release the launch trailer for season finale of Batman: The Telltale Series ahead of its launch tomorrow.

5 months | Read on
Gaming News

Telltale launch trailer for all-new season of The Walking Dead

The all-new season will debut with two episodes released on the same day.

5 months | Read on
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  1. Totally disagree. If the Man Utd fans of today were around when Sir Alex took over the club and had a terrible first season, and knowing of what they know of Sir Alex today, do you think they would've been calling for the sacking of him? Absolutely no way. It's says a lot about football in general today when stuff like this happens. The Chosen One? David Moyes was never The Right One
  2. Thank you Jimbo! :) BAFTA Video Games Awards: The Last of Us takes home 5 awards