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Film News

Berlinale 2014: The Winners

Awards have been handed out at the prestigious Berlinale Film Festival, British director Ken Loach is given an honorary Golden Bear

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TV News

House of Cards returns to Netflix for Second Season

The second season of political drama House of Cards is now available to view on Netflix

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TV Video

Game of Thrones: 15 Minute Preview of Season 4

Can’t wait for the start of Game of Thrones Season 4: Fire and Ice? Take a look at this 15 minute preview of the HBO show

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  1. This is absolute genius. Video: Wes Anderson’s version of The Shining – ‘The Grand Overlook Hotel’
  2. Last Crusade is hands down my favourite Indiana Jones - it's all about Sean Connery as his dad. Six threequels better than the sequel
  3. I love that his son is named Kal-El. Top 10 Nicolas Cage Internet Memes