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Hi! I'm a 22-year-old entertainment writer from Scarborough, North Yorkshire. I'm bubbling to the brim with rants and have no shortage of nerdy passion.

Sport Video

Farewell, Steven Gerrard

As Gerrard plays his last ever game at Anfield, what better way to wave goodbye than watch his first ever Liverpool goal. And what a beauty it was!

2 years | Read on
Film Review

Review: Serena (2014)

Drifting into the canyon of forgotten cinema, like a Carolina cloud over a misty hill.

2 years | Read on
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  1. I agree with all but Back to the Future but maybe thats because I'm not a fan anyway! Video: Five Perfect Movie Trilogies
  2. In some cases hindsight shows that the BAFTAs called it better than the Oscars! (Brokeback over Crash especially) 10 Films we forgot won Best Film at the BAFTAs