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Video game journalist from South East England, putting the years of journalism training to good use.

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Lionhead Studios Shut Down

Microsoft has closed down British developer, Lionhead Studios, following the cancellation of Fable Legends.

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Film Review

Review: Lonesome Jim (2005)

Lonesome Jim is a sensitive take on life’s failures, starring Casey Affleck, Liv Tyler, Kevin Corrigan, and directed by Steve Buscemi

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  1. I enjoyed this show and did find it gripping throughout, but felt it didn't exactly tie everything up at the end. Maybe they're baiting a sequel, as the photography student, Tyler, stocking up weapons for a school shooting. We also didn't get closure on Bryce's character, following his confession to Clay. But a sequel wouldn't feel right as they tied up Clay and Hannah's stories nicely. I agree with your comments about FML forever, as I don't feel the characters said it with the irony that was intended! Review: 13 Reasons Why (2017)
  2. I'm thinking about getting it, although I've got to complete both the Bully and Manhunt ps4 ports before moving on to this. I hope they consider releasing Max Payne 2 as well for the PS4. A lot of people didn't like it but I always had a soft spot for it. Max Payne coming to PlayStation 4
  3. Haha, I just noticed that one too. Good spot. Gears of War 4 Release Date and Box Art Revealed
  4. It would be interesting to see how this performs from a technical point of view. Traditionally, handheld consoles like the 3ds and PS Vita are of a lower spec to their manufacturers home console counterparts, probably due to being priced lower, which also makes me think this PGS will have a hefty price tag. Anyway, I hope it does perform as well as they say it will and is relatively affordable. Portable PC Gaming? Say what?!