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Living in Kent with a degree in film studies and journalism, I’ve always had a passion for film, closely followed by writing about it. I figure that as long as it’s good, it doesn’t matter what genre a film is in. I particularly like independent and world cinema .

Ben Affleck Argo 2012
Film Review

Argo (2012)

Ben Affleck’s Argo is an excitingly tense thrill ride with some wonderfully surprising humor thrown in for good measure.

5 years | Read on
City Slacker 2012
Film Review

City Slacker (2012) – Movie Review

★★★✰✰ City Slacker is a satisfying and uplifting tale of love, greed and family revolving around one woman’s desperate search for companionship.

5 years | Read on
Crossfire 2012
Film Review

Crossfire (2012) – Movie Review

★✰✰✰✰ Curtis ’50 Cent’ Jackson stars in this woefully constructed thriller about a criminal turned cop following in his murdered father’s footsteps as the attack dog of NYPD’s most corrupt cops.

5 years | Read on
Cloclo 2012
Film Review

Cloclo (2012) – Film Review

★★★✰✰ Florent-Emilio Siri’s biographical Cloclo celebrates Claude Francois, one of the most celebrated French musicians of all time.

5 years | Read on
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