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A proud owner of two guinea pigs, I have a particular interest in historical films. Having ventured unsuccessfully into the world of acting many moons ago (not in the school Nativity play, before you ask!), I have decided to write about it.

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  1. The last paragraph is bang on - as long as there's a Premier League, England are going nowhere. The Same Old Story: England’s Fifty Years of Hurt Set to Continue?
  2. Maybe his inclusion wasn't so harsh after all! It would've been easy to use Maradona for the football aspect, but this list was compiled to prove that you don't necessarily have to be a 'bad boy' to get in on the act. Thanks for the (mixed) Memories
  3. I'll be surprised if that's the last time Taylor and Barney meet in a TV major. If they both survive Judgement Night (which is looking likely) they'll have to play each other again soon anyway. Premier League Darts: Week 3 Preview
  4. Looks like all the form horses have turned up, with no notable upsets, so nothing's really changed ... yet! MVG should be vulnerable but victorious at Ally Pally
  5. Indiana Jones is like Only Fools and Horses: it could have finished on a high and didn't. TV film listings give Sleigh Bells and Cinema
  6. During national anthems, you always see rugby players singing for all their worth; with a lot of footballers, their lips barely move. There just seems to be a gulf in passion when it comes to international tournaments, particularly true when you compare the respective England teams. 5 Things Football Can Learn from Rugby
  7. Shame Gremlins missed out for the third year running... TV film listings give Sleigh Bells and Cinema
  8. 'Rockin' Around the Christmas Tree' is a great shout, although I still prefer the 80s cover version by Mel & Kim. Ten Christmas Songs From the Fifties
  9. Totally agree with Meg Ryan, may I suggest Sharon Stone as well? Video: 5 Female Actors We Hope Make a Comeback
  10. To be fair, Olivia, it probably suffers by comparison a little as well. Review: The BFG (2016)