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A PC and Xbox gamer, playing a variety of games with a particular love of eSports and VR.

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Review: Battlefield 1 (2016)

Battlefield 1 is the fast-paced, realistic, immersive, all-out war multiplayer that FPS lovers have been craving.

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Review: Flywrench (2015)

This action packed indie spaceship game is tough, yet undeniably addictive. Will you make it to your destination?

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Review: Beholder (2016)

Beholder will make you question morals and freedoms you hold dear, but in order to survive in this world, you might have to leave them at the door.

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  1. I saw them a few years back at the Astoria 2, very good live. Pity if they don't play any Lost In The Sound Of Separation or Illuminator though. Haven't bought tickets though this time round either. I also really like Spencer's Sleepwave project so I want him to do more of that! The Rebirth of Underoath