There has been much written lately about the revival of 80’s action heroes. The Expendables and Arnie’s return are all we seem to hear about. But where would they all be without their cooler and tougher 60’s and 70’s counterparts? Out of the best of them who was the toughest, coolest and hardest of them all? Welcome to the Roobla showdown to end all showdowns…

Round 1

Clint Eastwood vs Paul Newman

Both have proved their cool but Clint sustained it over a much longer period. Clint wins in a close contest.

Robert Redford vs Dustin Hoffman

They have had their moments, their only movie together was the classic All The President’s Men. However, they both portrayed journalists so it doesn’t count. At the end of the day Redford was the Sundance Kid and Hoffman was Tootsie. Easy Redford win.

Al Pacino vs Robert De Niro

This is a tough one. Pacino was the Godfather, but so was De Niro. Pacino was Scarface, De Niro was Capone. The clincher? Adam Sandler and Jack and Jill, Ben Stiller and Little Fockers. De Niro Wins, his lowest point not quite as low as Pacino’s.

Sean Connery vs Michael Caine

Caine can turn it on when he wants, Get Carter is as tough as they come. But Connery was Bond. No Contest. Connery wins.

Steve McQueen vs James Coburn

Coburn proved a wily character in movies like The Magnificent Seven and The Great Escape. But in both movies McQueen just blew him out of the water. McQueen wins.

Roger Moore vs Charles Bronson

There is no doubt Moore was stylish and, of course, he was Bond. However, Bronson was built like a barn door and would have just trampled all over him. Bronson wins.

Lee Marvin vs Gene Hackman

Two actors who overlapped in the early 70’s, Marvin proving himself in Point Blank and The Dirty Dozen. Hackman was as tough as they come in The French Connection but did not have the same reputation as the hellraising Marvin. Also Marvin was an ex Marine. Marvin wins in a bruising encounter.

John Wayne vs Robert Shaw

Wayne was the original action hero, setting the standard since the 40’s. Shaw was the most threatening and toughest adversary for Connery’s Bond. He did, however, get eaten by a shark. For the sheer number of tough guy roles, Wayne wins.

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