Film Review

Review: The Wall (2017)

Although Taylor-Johnson is the star of this film, John Cena and Laith Nakli round out the cast of this new take on the War film brilliantly.

Ian Bailey | 5 days | Read
Gaming Review

Review: FIFA 18 (2017)

FIFA 18 sees a definite improvement from its predecessor and it’s the little details that improve the game’s overall experience both on and off the pitch.

Ben Jennings | 1 week | Read
Film Review

Review: Mother! (2017)

With Mother! Aronofsky presents his most polarising work to date. A nightmarish thriller rich with allegory and subtext, Mother! is quite an achievement.

Luke Brookman | 1 week | Read
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Video: Star Wars: The Last Jedi – Latest Trailer

The new trailer has been released!

Luke Brookman | 2 weeks | Read

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Review: The Wall (2017)

Ian Bailey | 15th October 2017
There was a lot that put me off The Wall (2017). For one, I’m not a big fan of war films - they’re just not my cup of tea. Secondly, despite the fact that wrestlers are apparently good actors now - hello Dave Bautista - I’m biased against wrestlers actually being…



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